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Goodbye Shanghai

July 29, 2011

It’s been a crazy year. It’s tough to say goodbye to a place that has become your home. Last day of work today. Said final goodbyes to close friends this evening. Had our last meals. Took our last cab ride home. Now it’s time to crash one more time in our apartment, before we take off early tomorrow morning for Malaysia for an island vacation in Langkawi.

Yes, you should be jealous.

Even though I’m exhausted, I felt the need to write this post to say farewell in some more permanent way. It doesn’t feel real to say goodbye yet. It feels like I”ll just come right back.

It doesn’t really feel like it’s over until months later, when it hits you: you have a new life now. New place, new friends, new possibilities. I”m so excited for the future, but I have no regrets about this amazing, topsy-turvy year in one of the world’s most dynamic cities. I’ll never forget Shanghai, or our little neighborhood in Xuhui. Never ever.

Life-changing experience. But…

…. I’m coming HOME!!!!!!! And I’m ready for the next chapter. So ready.

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