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Lazy “day off,” lazy update

September 22, 2010

I’m happy to report that I’m out of my funk from last week.

Rick and I celebrated two years together this weekend with an amazing brunch at one of Shanghai’s best restaurants, Jean Jorges. We got a nice dinner and drinks at a jazz bar the next night. It was lovely, and I love him, and I’m blessed to have him.

In other news, work has picked up, which is excellent. I so prefer having things to do and feeling useful, even if it means I’m busier and can’t just read food blogs all day. So, that’s helped. Although it means I can’t update my blog as easily from work.

I’m actually on holiday right now. It’s the Mid Autumn Festival here in China, and so I had today “off work.” I also have tomorrow and Friday “off work.”

I put “off work” in quotation marks because Chinese national “holidays” are actually a total rip-off. I’ll explain:

Aside from National day, which is next week, and the Spring Festival, China’s most impmortant holiday which is in February, holidays in China aren’t actually days off as much as they are days shuffled. See, to make up for the three vacation days we are enjoying right now, Chinese working folk all had work this past Sunday, and we have work this Saturday and Sunday.

I kid you not. They just moved my weekend to the middle of the wake. I traded my weekend for a Tuesday through Friday. It’s a sick twisted joke.

I spent most of today being extraordinarily lazy because Rick flew off to Korea this afternoon. He needs to exit and re-enter the coutnry for his visa to still be valid. So I was here alone.

I don’t know what it is with me and productivity, but the more free time I have, the less prodcutive I am. I know I’m not alone. At least, on days like this, I have all the time in the world, but I literally do nothing. I enjoy it while it’s happening, sort of, and then I start to feel really, really bad about myself.

Hence the blog update. I feel a tiny bit productive now. I should also get out of the apartment.

I did cook tonight, but lazily – I made a noodle soup with some left-over beef stir-fry from a restaurant – and it tasted pretty awful (WAY too salty). Also, I only cooked because I was too lazy to leave the apartment to get food. So, an activity that usually makes me feel great about myself and very productive actually made me feel pretty pathetic today. Ha. The irony.

That’s not to say I’m still in a bad mood, like I was last week. I’m not. I feel pretty good about the state of things. I feel motivated at work, and I have other goals: improving my cooking, getting back in shape, joining an expat choir here in Shanghai. Things are well.

Today also reinforced to me how much having other people around motivates me. When Rick is here, I’m much more likely to be active: clean, cook something new, work out, or just have an interesting conversation. Okay, resolved: no more days like this one. Tomorrow I’m taking a trip to Suzhou (a city near Shanghai) with a friend and some of her friends I have yet to meet, so it should be fairly easy to stick to my goal.

Things are well.

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