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Got an internship!

August 26, 2010

The Bund, where I will be working. The Bund FTW.

Yay! I’ll be interning at at a boutique M&A advisory firm. Feeling very excited about this.

I got my foot in the door through a friend of my father’s, who is very good friends with the company’s founder and CEO, who is extremely cool. I met with him personally today, and his love and understanding of China is clear to see, and very inspiring for a young expat like me. He and his wife founded the company back in the early 80’s.

Pretty cool!

Lesson of the day: it’s all about guanxi, which is Chinese for networking and relationships. Especially in China. That, and nailing the interview, as I did today. Best part is, I nailed it by being myself. I have a really good feeling about this.

More updates when I have more to tell. Know for now that their offices are on the Bund, pictured above. (Not sure if the actual office building is in that picture, but it looks a lot like most of the buildings above).

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