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My brain hurts (我的脑子疼)

August 11, 2010

I just wrote a big long post about Chinese philosophy, relativity, and happiness, but it ended up as inconclusive gibberish, so I’ve put it aside for now.

I wanted to declare that I had my last official day of class today. Review and oral exam tomorrow, written exam on Friday, then I’m all done with HBA! Crazy. I’ve crammed so much Chinese into my head. I hope it sticks.

My uncertain future awaits. Will I be studying Chinese at Shanghai Jiaotong University? Will I find a job? Who knows? Very strange feeling. Like I’m in limbo.

I’ll fix the philosophical post later, hopefully. Or I can just post the gibberish. It’s rather interesting gibberish… ouch, my brain. Time to drill some vocab!

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