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Countdown to China: 4 hours

June 10, 2010

I have always been such a slow packer. Today was no exception. The worst part is knowing that if I forget something that I can’t buy an easy replacement for, either a) it will be very expensive to ship, for the first time, or b) I’ll have to wait until Christmas time to get my hands on it.

Today was very weird. It didn’t feel like a goodbye. I said goodbye to my brother, to my best friend Michelle, to my sister. My parents are waiting for the morning. But the thing is, it feels just like I’m going back to Harvard. I’m so used to uprooting myself from home that this move, this big, monumental move, feels mundane.

I know I’m on the cusp of something. Living abroad. Having to face the “real world,” in a totally new world. Being so far away from my close frineds and family, and in a drastically different time zone. I know these things.

But I don’t feel these things yet. It’s a surface knowledge. I’m aware that it will eventually sink in. I’m bracing myself for the bout of horrendous homesickness that will inevitably hit me at some point. I’m anticipating a direction-less abyss of the unknown as I wade my way through life wihtout clear academic goals propelling me forward.

But so far, I don’t feel a thing. I’m numb. I’m floating. I’m in a bubble. One that’s about to burst.

First though, I get a long, LONG plane flight. Here goes nothing!

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  1. Cbuck permalink
    July 21, 2010 11:49 am

    thats sounds like good material for a new pokemon
    eh eh
    thats an idea
    you can go to china to think up new pokemon… you could make pokemon hip again
    the bubble thing is a great place to start
    actually now that i think about it, im thinking of kirby
    not so original

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